27 February 2007

Quit'cher Snivelling!

I have some bad news for you.

If you are one of the people who look at Virginia's recent apology for slavery and expect the next thing we will be talking about is reparations, I'm talking to you.

If you wonder why the Islamists hate us, and think that if we can just open a dialog with them things will be happy joy joy in fuzzy bunny land, listen up.

If you think you deserve my money and attention because you aren't as "lucky" as me, perk up your ears.

I'm your worst nightmare. I am a man without guilt.

I never owned any slaves, and you were never owned as a slave, so I owe you nothing. Get used to that idea.

Islamists hate us because we have what they want, and if they can't have it then they are determined that we shan't have it either. While you are listening to them with your eyes closed, they are slitting your throat. And you deserve it.

They can't have it. I'll die first. But I won't die alone. My prayer will be "Lord, let them come at me in large bunches so that I can kill more of them at a time, Amen."

Luck is something you make, not something that happens. Luck is a combination of opportunity, preparation and timing. Every second there's an opportunity. If you aren't prepared for it you aren't unlucky, you are stupid.

Want an example?

If you are pregnant with your third child and you aren't real sure who the baby daddy is for the first two, much less the current one, you aren't unlucky. You are stupid.

If you never finished high school, and now you can't figure out why you can't get a job paying more than minimum wage (especially since you don't keep it for more than a couple of weeks), you aren't unlucky. You are stupid. (This is where the preparation comes into play.)

OK, that's two examples. Another opportunity.

I don't feel sorry for your poor choices and bad decisions. More importantly, I don't feel responsible for them. You have no right to welfare and SSID in my world. In my world, stupidity is not only painful, it's fatal.

I have no use for those of you who will "yeah but" my country's history. We are the greatest nation in all the world, period.

"Yeah but" what about all the things we have done on our way to becoming what we are? Can't make an omelet without breaking eggs. That's the way things work. If you aren't strong enough to hold, you get swept away by the tides of history. It's neither right nor wrong, it just is.

So might makes right? Yep. Cause that's the way it is. And if you don't believe it, stand on the tracks. Right here. Don't worry about that noise.

Fair? You want fair? Sorry, can't help you. Children's games have rules to make sure everything is fair. Life doesn't.

Did I hurt your feelings? Get over it. Nobody cares. I'm not your priest, and you aren't paying me nearly enough to be your shrink. I'm not interested in your pathetic problems, I have troubles of my own that I'm dealing with.

We have become a pansified shadow of an excuse of what we were. We are afraid of making people angry, the law is now our master instead of our servant, and we have gotten to the tipping over point where most of the voters have figured out they can vote themselves treasures out of the nation's coffers.

We have created our own group of masters, called politicians, who think they are above us, and we are letting them get away with anything.

Meanwhile, someone somewhere is going to be the world's biggest dog. Count on it. Nature and politics both abhor a vacuum.

The big dog that is currently the USA is acting more like a lap puppy. Somewhere out there is a bad-tempered junkyard mongrel who is going to rip out the soft underbelly we are showing them as we lay on our backs.

I have my lifeboat picked out.

The rest of you can go straight to hell.

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James said...

Nice rant! Next time don't hold back! Seriously, you're dead on - in my opinion, anyway.