23 February 2007

No Cigar Yet

By way of PawPaw's House, Jim Zumbo has offered yet another apology on Ted Nugent's site.

In doing so, he demonstrates that he still does not fully understand the problem.

He has been fired from Outdoor Life. He has lost sponsorships and his television program. He says he can't understand how he could have been "so ignorant and out of touch with reality in the world of hunting and shooting".

He then goes on to say he didn't realize how many people used "black rifles" for hunting.

Large sigh.

Jim, Jim, Jim. It's not about hunting. There are many "black rifle" owners who have never, ever, so much as pointed their evil bad guns at any living thing.

It's about shooting, Jim.

It's about putting a large amount of lead a couple of hundred yards from where you are currently standing. It's about spending quality time with your 14 year old daughter, while incidentally teaching her a skill that may one day save her life. It's about getting together with your buds and swapping a few lies and making some noise.

It's about taking some time to hone a skill that may one day be of vital importance. It's about relieving the stress of a normal ordinary life. It's about the smell of cordite and the feel of a well balanced machine.

It's about competition. It's about cameraderie. It's about doing something that you enjoy, for no other reason than you enjoy it.

It's about spending some time with the Marine in your life doing something that you are both familiar with, and being able to say "I love you, son, and I'm proud of you" without speaking a single word at all.

It's about the Second Amendment to the Constitution of these United States.

It's about shooting, Jim.


HollyB said...

I agree, Zumbo just doesn't GET IT.
I'm a Shooter, Jim, not a hunter. As a Woman, shooting was the single most empoweing thing I have ever done, other than giving birth. And, just incidentally, it was being a Mother of two that made me want to learn to shoot. Having children entrusted to my care made me want to utilize every tool I possibly could to make them SAFE.
Knowing I can put a round into a target exactly where I want it, when I want to, from any position, from a range of anywhere from 5 to 50 yards; knowing I can safely "clear" my home; knowing I can maintain control of my weapon, be it a shotgun, or handgun because I have drilled with it. makes me feel POWERFUL.
If I could take a woman who is "afraid" of guns to the range for an afternoon; I betcha $5 I could rock her world and bring her to "our" side.

Larry said...

And this keeps you from being a victim Holly. Keep up the good work!