18 February 2007

A New Toy

I have a new toy, a site meter from sitemeter.com.

Looking at my sitemeter I see that I have bugs. It's counting as visits the times I log in from my own computer. I had selected the option to not have it do that, but it doesn't seem to be working.

I have 3 hits from people doing websearches for Ron Paul. I'm humbled and honored that you took the time to stop in.

One of my visitors is from Bellevue, NE. Bellevue is just a bit south of Omaha and is the home of Offutt Air Force Base. I grew up in a little Iowa town about 70 miles east of there.

One of the tenant commands onboard Offutt AFB is Strategic Air Command, now called U.S. Strategic Command, or STRATCOM in MILSPEAK. SAC had clouds of B-52's at Offutt at one time. Not so much now. It was conventional wisdom in my neck of the woods that if the Rooskies ever launched their missiles we had just as well see if we could reach our lips to our backsides to kiss our butts goodbye.

When I joined the Navy I used to drive up to the recruiting station for the Delayed Entry Program meetings. I would cross the old one lane toll bridge and go through Bellevue to get there. Pretty little town.

Ah, the good old days.

Gen. Curtis LeMay building, US STRATCOM headquarters, Offutt AFB, Bellevue NE

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