02 May 2009

A Bad Day At The Refuge

Unfortunately the mechanic was right about the Taurus, the head gaskets are blown. The car had just sat long enough for the water to separate out of the oil, as soon as we got the motor started (with no white smoke) the water started bubbling in the expansion tank and the oil turned milky.

We got on our way yesterday and made it as far as Charleston SC before we stopped. Our nice leisurely trip had to come to an abrupt end this morning.

We awoke to the phone ringing, MIL coded this morning. They got her heart beating again, and Pop was on his way to the hospital when we left the hotel. Just north of Georgetown Pop called again. They were unable to get her blood pressure back up, and she slipped away sometime around noon.

Thanks for all the prayers, say one for Pop.


none said...

Damn, I'm really sorry to hear this. My condolences to you and your family.

Aaron said...

Damn, I'm sorry Larry. Your family will be in mine's prayers tonight.

Larry said...

Thanks guys. Save some prayers for Pop as well, he's Italian so he's not showing anything but he's human so he is feeling it. They were married for 56 years.

cary said...

Prayers to you and your family, with special prayers for the Pop.

So sorry to hear this.