14 May 2009

Internet Verbs

I would like to submit "Pelosi" as the new Internet verb.

To be "pelosied" one has to 1) brazenly lie about something and then 2) be called out for it publicly by the person or persons you lied about. Extra points if that person or persons produce documentation (particularly video spread virally through the interwebs via You Tube or some such method) to back their claims.

Double points if the target then lies about the documentation and gets pelosied on that. Points double every time this occurs.

More points awarded if your friends and cohorts decline to be pelosied with you.

Whoever gives up or goes to jail first loses.

I wonder if Barney Fwank has been Pelosied over the whole Freddie/Fannie affair? If not, he needs to be and very soon, but I doubt anyone at Freddie or Fannie has the stones to call him out. Perhaps another lender would do, especially if it was done during one of Congress's famous snits where they call in the corporate execs that they blame the trouble on (because the corporate execs were trying to follow the dictates of congress, but none of them ever seem to say so).

Mostly linked through Ace O' Spades, and the links that aren't to Ace's place have been obtained from there. He links Hot Air, I link him, what can I say.


Anniee451 said...

Uh-oh - internet verbiage! You're moving past me by leaps and bounds, my friend! Might I suggest, though, to hang with the people you are so obviously going to be gaining favor with very quickly, that you enjoin yourself on Twitter? You can twat all sorts of things on there, directly with Ace and Zo and IMAO and Jim Treacher and Jim Lileks and god knows who else. You can also follow along with moi, who is only awed to be in their company :)

(By the way, great suggestions!)

Larry said...

Hammer, don't forget "I was dead at the time..." (I think that is an Eddie Izzard line)
Annie, I don't know if I want to be that well connected ;-)