29 May 2009

So Much To Do

The little Rampage gave me a hard time last Saturday. As I was pulling out of the driveway on the way to work it locked into neutral. I ended up driving the wife's car in all week.

Today I took the transmission linkage apart and freed it up, and while I was there I did a little work on the carberator and smog pump as well. When I was done I was hot, tired and sweaty and the youngest boy was clamoring to get into the pool.

After showering up, the pool seemed like a pretty good idea, so into the pool we went until the sky clouded up. It was a pretty good ending to the day.

Tomorrow it's back to work for another four days, but then I get a four day weekend as we go back to a 3 and 4 schedule. Overtime is back, I got a raise with my annual review, so we will be able to get some of the Florida travel bills paid off.

Maybe I'll be able to get this guy paid for the truck work as well, I can't wait to see Old Frank restored to his former glory.


none said...

I once had a car stuck in reverse, I couldn't afford a tow truck so I got up at 4am and drove 15 miles in reverse to the mechanic. I never told anybody about it either but I figure the statute of limitations is up for those mailboxes.

Congrats on the raise and overtime!

Larry said...

15 miles is a long ways to travel in reverse! I'm sure they have forgotten all about those mailboxes by now...