14 May 2009

On The Road Again

We're back in Florida.

We left yesterday and made it as far as Jacksonville where we stopped for the night at the daughter's house. We came the rest of the way to Lake City today.

Pop is doing OK, but a good descriptive word would be "diminished". He has always been fairly boisterous, but the spark has gone out of him. Losing Mom was a blow that he will take a while to recover from, but I believe he will recover.

We spent the day going through some old pictures, I'll be posting a few later on. Until then, here's a question for anyone who reads this blog and has any knowledge of Biloxi MS in the 1949-50 time frame. There's a picture I'll be posting, I'll tell the story and I'd love to hear if anyone out there can add to it.

The question, by the way, is to anyone who can name the singer that used to perform on the top deck of the Buena Vista hotel in Biloxi in 1949 and 1950. Her first name was Jean, her last name was either Wilson or Nelson. The question(s) are, what was her last name, and what is the lady doing today?

At any rate, we will be busy. I'll be heading back to the Refuge on Saturday and I'll come back to Florida to get the wife in a week or so after the memorial is done. In the meantime, light blogging.

Thanks for the prayers and well-wishes, they are greatly appreciated.

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