25 June 2009

Another One

Governor Mark Sanford is a feminine hygiene product.

That's really too bad, because I had a lot of respect for him because of the whole wont-take-the-porkulus-money thing. He could have gone far.

Alas, he was brought low by his own wanton lust, as have so many before him. He is just the latest in a long line of the reasons people consider the words "scumbag" and "politician" to be redundant.

My problem with him is the same as with Clinton, Edwards, Ensign and all the other jackasses, namely that they made a promise and didn't keep it. If they lie to their spouses they will lie to their constituents as well, and that is something that we should not put up with.

Yes, I know, "lying politician" is also a redundant statement. That doesn't mean we should excuse it when the proof comes up. I'm with Gonzo on this one. If he can't be trusted at home, he can't be trusted in the office either.

I have to respect his wife Jenny Sanford however, she wasn't one of the "stand by your man" wives who have shared the stage with their philandering spouses as they poured out their tale of woe. She gave him the boot two weeks ago, which is why she didn't know where he was.

In a statement released to the press she says the separation was intended to ultimately lead to a reconciliation, and that "I believe Mark has earned a chance to resurrect our marriage." Still, she let him face the music alone. What happens next is up to them, it's their personal lives and they deserve their privacy.

Thus endeth the political ambitions of one Mark Sanford.


none said...

Thinking with the small head usually leads to trouble.

Larry said...

Yes it does, Hammer, and not thinking at all leads to even more.
Thanks for dropping by!