12 June 2009

Forget John Galt

The guy we need right now is Hank Rearden.

We need someone - anyone - who has the stones to stand up and say "I see what you're doing here, and I'm not going to play along."

I just keep waiting for it. So far none of the bankers, oilmen, car execs, or other businessmen who have been called on the carpet in front of Congress have done it. Not a single one.

I would have changed all my accounts to the one bank that had the HMFIC that, when told by the Feds "You aren't leaving this room until you sign this and take the money" would have said "Buddy, you don't have the horsepower to keep me in this room." None stepped forward.

I would have bought all my gasoline from now on from the one company who's CEO, when called before Congress to get lectured on price gouging, would have pointed out that the US Government makes more money per gallon than the oil companies do. But not a single one did.

I have never bought a brand new car, but I was planning on a Challenger convertible. Now it will be a Mustang convertible instead. I appreciate the fact that Ford didn't take the money, but they didn't stand up for themselves when they were castigated for taking private planes to meet with the lawmakers either. None of them did.

Now health care lobbyists have been warned point blank to not even meet with Republicans. Appointed officials are being invited to quit or be fired in violation of the law. We rush headlong into Socialism while former and current socialist countries warn us of the foolishness of our actions. Example after example of government overreach has come to us by way of the bloggers, but the Mainstream Mediots remain silent.

On the other hand, tea party after tea party is held, and again the Mainstream Mediots remain silent. Pressure is building. How long before it breaks out?

The mid term elections are going to be held next year. If you want to make a difference, vote for Congresscritter and/or Senator. If the Republican party is not running a candidate (it happens all too often, sadly enough) look at the third party candidates, like the Libertarians or the Constitution Party.

It's our country, and we have only ourselves to blame if we do nothing as it all goes sideways.


Anniee451 said...

Wow. Is that from Atlas Shrugged? That's...extremely moving. If I weren't at work I think it would have brought me to tears. Or maybe I'm just bone tired. Either way, thanks for posting this.

Larry said...

The link from "Hank Rearden" is indeed from Atlas Shrugged, it is the scene where Hank is dragged into court for selling his Metal without government authorization. This is when he figures out that there is some kind of a game afoot and decides he is not going to go along with it, even if he doesn't understand it. I thought it was appropriate for the times.

cmblake6 said...

Yeah, I think I got it here or Anniees. I posted the link. Excellent story, that.

Anniee451 said...

I shamelessly took it for my blog; but naturally linked back here and ordered everyone to read this one for the full scoop and all the links. But that Rearden story was too awesome not to repost in full. I knew Larry wouldn't mind; it's about getting the word out, not getting glory :)