29 June 2009


I had to go take care of car registrations today.

They come in the mail and the wife usually sets them aside so that I can handle them online, after which she files them. They came in last month.

Due to the shuffle of her mom dying and her being in Florida off and on they got put on the table and ignored. When she saw them she was in a filing frenzy, assumed that I had seen and paid them, and filed them.

Today she needed the registration for the car because she was going to get her driver's license. The registration was for last year, because it had not been renewed.

Now, of course, they are a month overdue. So, today I got to pull my happy butt out of bed early so that I could drive to the next town over where the DMV office is (in the feedstore - no joke) and get the sticker for the car.

Tonight I get to go to work. It should be a lot of fun.

And that's life in my world. I hope yours isn't as crazy.

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