03 June 2009

What A Week

An abortion doctor gets killed and all of Christendom is apparently responsible.

Meanwhile a Muslim convert that kills one solder and wounds another is acting alone.

And apparently, according to Playboy, it is now OK to brutally rape women - as long as they are conservative women.

Sometimes it's hard to keep up, with the way things change so quickly.

Of course if you have been watching anything other than Fox, you are probably only aware of one of these stories.

HT to RSM at The Other McCain.


The BoBo said...

Larry - you forgot that it's O'Reilly's fault that abortion doctor was murdered.

The MSM is so busy fawning all over Teh One that they have completely turned their backs on real journalism. Those sheeple who only watch the MSM and read the newspapers will never learn the truth.

It pissed me off to no end to hear that the U.S. Marshalls have been assigned to protect the abortionists clinics and there was such outcry from the left - yet - one of our defenders of freedom getting slaughtered by a real islamofascist barely gets mentioned at all.

This country has gone completely nuts my friend. Everything is turned upsidedown.

Larry said...

Apparently recruiting stations are now free-fire zones.
I wonder when they get to start shooting back?