27 August 2011

Fun And Games

Hurricane Irene came to visit this morning at about 8 AM, the effects were starting to be felt last night. About 6:45 AM the power blinked a couple of times, then we lost it for an hour or so this afternoon, and it just blinked again about 15 minutes ago (6:45 PM).

We got a lot of rain which we needed and a bit of wind which we didn't, no damage here at the Refuge but there are some branches down and about 70K without power. They got it a lot worse to the east of us, particularly east of I-95.

I have some friends farther north that are in the middle of it now, so far they report a lot of rain and some wind but it looks like they will weather the storm OK as well. All in all we did fine, but there are 3 reported deaths in NC and at least 2 in Virginia that I have heard about so the storm is not completely without human cost to go along with the property damage.

We are all well here at the Refuge. Thanks to everyone who emailed, messaged or Facebooked to check up on us, your concern is appreciated.


Sean D Sorrentino said...

Glad to hear you are doing ok. We caught some rain and wind here just south of Raleigh, but nothing major. I had to drive to Fayetteville (via 95 & 40) and back (via Fuquay) and didn't see any real issues.

We didn't lose power even, which is amazing since we are still cabled to the next door neighbor's powerbox until they dig up our power cable and fix it. I'll bet that project gets put on the back burner as Progress Energy crews spend their time cleaning up after this storm.

Matt said...

We got off light up here several hours north of you. The change in air pressure gave me something of a headache, but I'm counting myself blessed. No bad weather to deal with.

Larry said...

Glad to see the two of you made out OK as well, thanks for dropping by!