31 August 2011


Most of my toys are here. The Mosin looks much better with a real rear barrel band in place of the tie strap that was holding the wood on, the Arisaka's front sight blade does not fit (it's from a T-99), and the gel pad looks like it will do admirably to tame the Mosin's recoil.

I could still use the T-99's front sight since the dimensions of the base are right, it's just too tall and so will not fit into the opening in the "ears" on each side of the sight. I was hoping it would since what I need is a taller sight, but it is not to be. I could still file it off flat and drill it for a threaded rod as I had planned, but now that I'm considering shooting it in VMR matches I can't modify the sights.

The stripes came in for the Mustang, too. It goes in on the 12th to get the dents knocked out of the hood.


Brigid said...

New Toys! What could be better. Can't wait to see the mustang when it's done.

Larry said...

I'll be glad to have the Grand Canyon gone from the pony's hood as well.
Thanks for dropping by Brigid!