18 August 2011


Today I got to visit the dentist.

Last Friday I got to visit the dentist, too, for a semi-annual checkup. It was then he informed me of the exciting opportunity to get a deep clean, complete with anesthesia! How could I say no? But as if that wasn't enough I pulled a filling out as I was flossing that very night, so today's scheduled cleaning became a cleaning and refilling. Right now the right side of my mouth is one large ouch.

And to cap it off, as I was going out to the car on the way to the dentist I found a dent, right in the middle of the leading edge of the hood. I have no idea how it got there, but it's more than just a paint chip. There is a definite depression around the missing paint.

The only way to keep them pristine is to leave them in the garage, and that's not going to happen. Still, it was not a pleasant thing. I've had dings and scratches before, but this is the first dent and I'm as upset about it as you might imagine.

I think I'm going to go ease my pain by self-medicating on Sierra Nevadas now.


Matt said...

Funny, I went today too. It felt like she did the cleaning with a roto rooter....

Larry said...

I think she used a jackhammer on mine. The filling feels extra fine as well.
Thanks for dropping by Matt!

Quizikle said...

Sometimes it's best to have everything happen all at once. Each little bit doesn't hurt as much on the great big pile.

And it's really best to get that first ding out of the way. Can't avoid them, may as well get past the worry.

Does it still >smell< new?

Re: Sierra Nevada
Porter's my prime brew; I see the brand out this way, but not this flavor. Don't even need the pain as an excuse.


Larry said...

It smells like fresh air, the new car smell gets blow away pretty quickly with the top down. ;) When the top is up it smells like leather, so I guess that's good.
Like I said, it ain't gonna stay in the garage so it isn't going to stay pristine.
I like the pale ales, not so much of a fan of the dark beers but it would be a boring world if everyone liked the same thing.
And the pain from the dental work is gone today, so that's good, too. I get to have the other half done next week. Yay me.
Thanks for dropping by Q!

Brigid said...

Glad the dental thing didn't turn out too bad. I still have a few vicodin from the wisdom teeth pull I didn't need (but might during the next election).

Larry said...

Depending on how it turns out we might all need to be medicated.
Thanks for dropping by Brigid!