09 August 2011

Random Things

Rick Perry of Texas has unofficially thrown his hat in the ring.

Some idiot demonstrates the meaning of clue-deficiency (linky to Tam, no linky to him!).

And the SyFy Channel pledges to continue quality programming (because after all, who doesn't need another pro wrestling ghost hunter channel?)

In other news, the bulb I bought from Amazon for the rear-projection teewee has been deemed ungood by the teewee repair gnomes, but fortunately for a nominal fee they can make it all better! Looks like it's time for a bad review and a return. Don't buy these bulbs from Amazon (just saying).

Too bad there isn't anything worth watching.

I have also received an invitation to join the National Association of Professional Women. I have the strange feeling the invitation would be rescinded if I were to actually fill out the application.

What can I say, it's been a slow week.


Davidlind said...

Maybe you could send the bulb to the National Association of Professional Women? They might like it.

Larry said...

Eh, they'd probably just complain that it was defective.
Thanks for dropping by!