21 August 2011

Range Report

Yesterday I hauled myself out to the range for some badly needed practice with the Grok. I need to do this more often, as the location of my groups can attest.

The groups were tight, but low and to the right. Experienced shooters will know right away what two things I was doing wrong.

After a while the groups came back to the left and up towards the center, but I'm still prone to recoil anticipation. I need to work on that.

The Arisaka stayed home since I haven't yet worked out it's sight adjustment issues, but I put about 20 rounds through the Mosin Nagant.
Sacred fishes, that damn thing has a kick!

It is dead accurate, though, it put the holes exactly where it was aimed. My range partner put a couple high and right and I put one low and left just so we could verify it was marking the paper, the rest of the holes were in the black part of the target and were kind of hard to see at a distance. Zombies beware!

Afterwards my shoulder was so sore I wanted to stab a Nazi with the bayonet to see if it would make me feel better, and I had a strange craving for cheap vodka and depressing poetry and wouldn't answer to any other name but Vlad.

After the range session I had an open carry luncheon across town, and then I headed home for a nap.

All in all it was a pretty good day.

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Mr. Bingley said...

Yeah, they have a kick but man does it also have a very satisfying sound!

Larry said...

And this one at least has the very satisfying habit of putting holes right where you point it.
Thanks for dropping by Mr Bingley!