10 February 2013

Drooling of the Three

More dancing monkeys heard from.

1) He ain't my boss, and he certainly ain't my Pa.

2) My life has just as much value as anyones, and it is my right to protect it.

3) You still around?

Shut up and dance.


Robert Fowler said...

Chris Rock can kiss my ass. Obama wouldn't make a pimple on my dead Dad's ass.

If Jim Carey doesn't like our gun laws, he can haul ass back to the frozen tundra of Canada.

It also looks like I have read my last King book.

Dancing Monkeys, Jennifer got it right.

RabidAlien said...

Never cared all that much for any of them. Now I know why.

Larry said...

Robert, I'm with you on all three counts with the exception that I'm still blessed to have my dad around.
RA, yep. I got my fill of King when I realized that whenever his bad guys were government they were always military.
Thanks for dropping by gentlemen!

Jennifer said...

I'd say they could kiss my ass, but none is worthy of the privilege.

Larry said...

Well said.

Thanks for dropping by Jennifer!

Jennifer said...

I always do, I just don't always comment.

Larry said...

And I always appreciate it...