08 February 2013


I've been keeping the deliveryman busy this week.

The company I work for had a pretty good quarter, so I got a quarterly bonus. It's obviously gone now, between necessary Subaru repairs and...toys!

The first thing that arrived was the forward tri-rail. I don't have a sling swivel for it yet, but it's on the list. I suppose I should get a sling for it, too, while I'm at it. I was planning on mounting it between the barrel and magazine, but it's not the right size for that. It was designed for a flashlight, so I put my old work flashlight on it. It will do, I guess.

The second thing that arrived (with the tri-rail, in fact) was the cheek piece and ammo holder. Putting that on had to wait until the stock arrived. That came in the next day.

The stock went on easily and works great, but I'm sad to say the same can't be said of the cheek piece. I really didn't like the tall one, it raised my point of sight so far up the front bead might has well not even existed. It took a pair of flatblade screwdrivers to take it back off once it was installed. So, I took the tall piece off and tried just the short piece. Better, but still a bit tall. I had to have it for the shell holder though, so it stayed on.

When I tried to put the shells in the shell holder they wouldn't fit. I understand that you want the fit tight enough so the shells won't fall out, but a twelve gauge shell should be able to fit in a twelve gauge shell holder without pulling the damn thing off the stock...the same setup that required two flatblade screwdrivers to take off when I wanted to take it off pops right off when you try to push the shells up ito the shell holder. So, it's staying off.

Next project is getting the sling swivels for it, and then a sling. I'm looking at one of these since the cheek piece/shell holder was such a loser.

In the final analysis my Tacticool Mall-Ninja Evil Black Shotgun project is going pretty well. I'm thinking about a forward pistol grip, I've been warned that it can bend up the action bars but I'd have to change the action tube assembly to even contemplate it. The stock came with a foregrip, but unfortunately there are two different lengths of action tube and nothing in the package tells me which length the foregrip takes.

But that's a project for another day.
The last thing to come in this week was the package of materials to begin obtaining my Associates in Applied Science degree in Electronics Engineering Technology. Yeah, I'm finally getting it done. It's something I should have done years and years ago, but I suppose better late than never. Thanks to previous course work I'm already over half-done, so hopefully it won't take all that long.

The next thing I'm expecting is "Tucker & Dale vs. Evil". I've been wanting to see it for a while, it looks pretty good. According to the tracking data it should be here Monday...when I'm at work...

I guess that gives me something to do next week!


Knitebane said...


Sling and shell holder.

I have one on my tactical Mossy. It has a Knoxx folding recoil-absorbing stock on it so putting a shell holder on it was problematic.

Enter the bandolier sling.

Da Curly Wolf said...

the cheek piece...grind it?

Larry said...

Knitebane, yep that's what I was looking at. CW, I could probably grind out the shell holders to fit but I really didn't care much for the cheek piece as much as I thought I would. I don't think I'll miss it.

Thanks for dropping by!