09 February 2013

Range Morning

Range Partner emailed last night, seems that he had an unexpected day off and asked if I would like to put a few shells through the EBS Project. Of course I would, so bright and early I quaffed down a shot of DayQuil and loaded up the freshly repaired Subaru (it ate another plug last week, so I had to clean and gap them again and put on a set of wires; we'll see how it does next week).

I don't know how crazy I am about that new stock. I like the fact I can adjust it, and I set it to a couple of different lengths during the elimination of a box of shells, but the stock is now straight enough I can't get a good look down the barrel. The front sight bead might as well not even be on there, I have a feeling this stock is meant for some sort of optics. I might have to switch it out for one of these instead.

UPDATE: I just ordered a drop spacer for it, we'll see how that does.

I also put a box of CCI's through grand-dad's Hi Standard and a box of 50 Tulas through the Glock, and then I was done. Range Partner brought a shotgun, too, a semi-auto Benelli, that he used to take the center out of a round target. It was, without a doubt, the right tool for the job. I also put a few rounds through his .357, but the .454 had some ammo related problems (reloaded, old powder) so it didn't stay out and play very long. We were done by late morning, something we both agreed was unusual for us.

Feeling a bit under the weather I decided I really didn't want to do much cooking, so before I left the house I chucked about 4 lbs of boneless chicken breasts in the crock pot with a bottle of Carribean Jerk marinade and set it on low to slow-cook for 8 hours. On the way home I got the ingredients for slaw and a couple of packages of hamburger buns. After the eight hour cooking time had elapsed I took the chicken out of the pot, stirred it up with my barbecue fork to shred it, and poured about half of the cooking juice back in to moisten it up.

That's a tasty sandwich!

And now I'm off to self-medicate some more. Night, all!


Anonymous said...

I was unaware that you were not feeling up to par. Happy you braved it and came out anyway - the fellowship was good, as always. A bad day at the range...

Larry said...

beats the hell out of a good day at work. Thanks for having me!