16 February 2013

Starting Early

It's snowing here already. It wasn't supposed to do that until later on this evening.

Looking at the weather across the state it looks like the snow started several hours early everywhere.

I was supposed to go to Charlotte today. Looks like I'll be postponing that trip.

I have chili already made, and it's a good day for a fire.

Everyone stay safe wherever you are.

(The picture has a blurry spot cause I took it through the window.)

UPDATE: Final tally, about 2" of snow accumulated on the soft surfaces, a light skim of ice on some of the hard surfaces this morning, all of it burned off by the afternoon along with most of the snow, the snow remaining is in shady patches. And thus ends the Great February Snowmageddon of 2013. As far as the snow goes, it was great snowball/snowman snow, so we had fun playing in it. I'm not a big fan of snow in general, but if we gotta have it, this is a good way to get it.

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