28 February 2013

Someone Is Paying Attention

I've had a Marlin 795 on my Guns I Want list for a while now to make a Liberty Training Rifle for Appleseed out of. The Marlin only needs sights and a sling to make it a good LTR while the more popular Ruger 10/22 seems to need an extensive list of modifications to make it a good shooter. All told I figure the Marlin fully modified would cost about as much as a Ruger out of the box.

Someone at Marlin has apparently been paying attention to the Appleseed Project because now they are getting ready to offer the 795 in an Appleseed configuration. It will come complete with the sights and sling, a spare magazine, and some fancy etching on the side. The only thing it would need to be absolutely perfect would be a wooden stock, but unfortunately that is not offered on any of the 795 models.

At first I thought the $300 asking price was a little bit on the steep side, but then I noticed that there is a certificate for an Appleseed weekend that goes along with it. In my opinion that makes the asking price more than reasonable. I've got my info in to be contacted when they come available.

I certainly hope I won't have to wait too long.

UPDATE: The wait was too much to bear. For a little less, and without the engraving, I have the rifle I want.

HT: Bob Owens

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