07 February 2014

Bank Shots

Last week I reached into my pocket to get my checkbook and it was gone.

I looked everywhere, in cars, all the places I had been, and it was not to be found.

So all week I've been going through the lengthy process of getting all my cards canceled and such. The bank I'm with recommended closing my account and opening a new one. This was easy enough because I already had two accounts; one of them was a joint account and one was my private account.

This was easier said than done at the beginning of the month, I pay my bills through the banks online bill pay service and the money comes out of my account. The first thing I did was verify the account would stay open long enough to get this done, and I was assured that it would.

Of course they closed the account right away. My bills DID get paid, but the account did not get debited. I called and they said they would issue a stop payment and...that's when I said STOP! Pay the bills out of the account that I left money in for that reason!

So they had to re-open the account and pay the bills.

It looks like this has now been done, and I've switched everything over to my new account. I've changed my company direct deposit and am waiting for DFAS to send me the information I need to change that direct deposit online. I've got all my debtors set up with my new account, supposedly, and I'm now waiting for my replacement credit card to arrive.

If I find that checkbook now I'm going to be really pissed.


Stephen said...

Look in the car under the driver's seat...it was there last week. Reach deep, when you braked it flew towards the rear.

RabidAlien said...

Best way to find something is to get a replacement.

Larry said...

Stephen, no such luck, I looked in both cars. RA, that's what I'm afraid of.

Thanks for dropping by!