22 February 2014

Health Nazis

My place of employ has Decreed that We the Unwilling, henceforth to be known as Serfs...eh, that is, Employees, shall participate in a Wellness Programme I'm order to qualify for low rates on the Company sponsored Health Insurance Scam...pardon me, Policy.

This has been met with much wailing and gnashing of teeth by we Employees, as you might imagine.
There are two Parts to said Programme, the first being a Screening followed by a Remediation, as required. Did I mention that spouses must also participate? It's probably better that I don't have one any more because I have absolutely no doubts what she would say about it.

The screening consists of five parts; blood sugar (good the last time it was checked), cholesterol (OK the last time it was checked) blood pressure (good the last time it was checked), negative blood teat for tobacco use (there's a blood test for that??? Good thing I quit three and a half years ago) and BMI (what are you laughing about???)

It is required to pass three of the five to qualify for the low rates. I should be able to do this, we will see, but if not...well, I guess I'll get to pay a little extra.

One more reason on the list of why it's about time to move on down the road, I guess.


Anonymous said...

I think it is a result of zer0care. My employer is implementing a very similar program, but specific details have not yes been released. Blood tests and BMI have both been mentioned. Smoking will cost you $20 more per week, effective 1/1/2014. It is the way of the future. Not only must you have insurance, but if you are the least bit unhealthy, as defined by our betters, we must even pay more.

Liberalism: Ideas so great, they are mandatory and enforced by armed thugs.

Larry said...

I'm pretty sure it is a thing of Obamacide. It certainly is irritating enough to qualify.

Thanks for dropping by!