02 February 2014

Charity Wheels

When the Mustang guys do a thing, we really do a thing.

 And sometimes...we get noticed...

 There were somewhere in the neighborhood of 50 of us, I don't think anyone really stopped to count. We met up with our escort and rolled down the main street of Gastonia NC. It was a pretty impressive sight, we stretched in a line along several blocks down Franklin Street.

There were more Mustangs at the event than all the other cars combined, and we really tied things up coming in. I think there were more of us than the show's organizers expected, which was all to the good. They managed to rally well and got us all parked and signed in without too much fuss.

Of course there were cars other than Mustangs there as well.

We couldn't have asked for better weather, warm enough to be comfortable and the sun shone most of the day. Not much like Tuesday night at all, but that's wintertime in the South for you. All of the convertible drivers had their tops down for the roll down Franklin Street.

I can't say what the final tally was (because I don't know, not because it's a secret), but it was a well attended event.

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