05 February 2014


For roughly $180 I can convert my Mosin Nagant into a modern polymer stock magazine fed shooting machine. A bolt action EBR, if you will.

This price gets you the AA9130 Archangel stock and a 10 round magazine for the same from Midway. Unfortunately it looks like Midway is backordered on everything and to order the stocks direct from Promag ups the price from $159.99 to $201.57 and the magazines up from $17.29 to $25.25, so that puts the total up to roughly $227. Adding shipping puts it up even further.

A Timney trigger for the Mosin runs about $100, give or take a few bucks, and if you are going to put a scope on it there are options from a scout mount for around $10.00 to a receiver mount that requires a gunsmith to install for $50-60, depending on where you get it. That doesn't include the scope, of course, and a scope can run up to a couple of hundred dollars depending on which one you get.

Some would question the wisdom of sinking $2-300 on a $100 rifle, especially one that you can't just go to your local Mart of Walls to get ammo for. On the plus side, ammo is readily available for it through mail order and a polymer stock would lighten it up enough to be more user-friendly come Bambi slaying season.

Of course, you can get a Savage Axis in 7mm for not much more money than just the stock and magazine (and for less money than the stock, magazine, trigger and scope mount), and 7mm ammo has consistently been on the shelf all through the recent unpleasantness, but that Archangel stock sure is a looker.


Angus McThag said...

Upgrading a Mosin thusly is for people who have a trickle of disposable money for guns, but for some reason can't save that trickle into a puddle.

While a bottom-end Savage is the same total price, the market for this mod can't manage to save up to get it.

Larry said...

I guess if you were going to do it piecemeal that would absolutely fit, but if you were going to do it all at the same time (stock, trigger and 10rd magazine) it's cheaper to get the Savage (Gander MT has it in 30-06 on sale right now for $299.99).

Thanks for dropping by McThag!