12 February 2014

Snowpalooza 2014

The snow is falling in Raleigh for the third time this year.

Al Gore needs to be kicked in the crotch until his eyes bleed.

UPDATE: The snow has turned into freezing rain. Daughter came home early from work, Son In Law took the Scoobytruck to get her so we just went to get her car. The snow is about 3" deep and has not yet gotten a great deal of ice accumulation. Hopefully it stays that way. The roads were snow covered but not horribly slick. All in all, it's a good day to stay inside.


Anonymous said...

Doesn't need to snow in Raleigh for that to be necessary (By the way, it just started here just north of Hampton Roads)


Larry said...

Maybe not, but the snow is just an added bonus.

Thanks for dropping by Q!

RabidAlien said...

Those two statements are mutually exclusive.

Larry said...

Or not. They do both stand alone, though.

Navy91 said...

Tried to go to work tonight. I work the midnight shift. Had to draw the line and call it quits when I couldn't keep straight at 15 mph. Spring won't get here soon enough!

Larry said...

Roger your last. Thanks for dropping by!