04 February 2009

By The Numbers

According to Nine Percent Nan, we should all be unemployed now.

In a speech she said that every month we don't have a stimulus bill, 500 million Americans lose their jobs.

There are only 303 million American citizens, according to the latest census.

Funny how I didn't hear that on NBCBSABC, the Washington (com)Post or the New York Times. Nope, I had to go to the "other" media for that gaffe. I'm sure that if Condi Rice, Sarah Palin, or GWB had said such a thing we would hear it non-stop for the next forever as an example of how "box of hammers" stupid all Republicans are.

Right back at'cha. Hey dumbass, Doctor Frankenstein's monster called. He said he expects your botox'ed ass back at the castle by six to fix his dinner, ya stupid bitch.


Anniee451 said...


Larry, ain't NONE of this massive spending and power grab going to help anyone (which we know already) but ain't it funny to see 'em fuck the apologetics up so bad?

Larry said...

I don't know if it's funny so much as so pathetic that you gotta laugh at them.
For what it's worth, even Obami's apologies are newsworthy. I read one retard (I can't remember if it was a reporter or commenter or squee-ing fanboui, they are all the same anymore) who gushed that Obami apologized when he was wrong and GWB never did.

Steve said...

The irony is so thick that you could cut it with a knife. That is, until they outlaw knives, of course.

And now the tax on ciggies is going to go through the roof. Oh well, I need to quit anyway. grumble, grumble, growl, snarl

Larry said...

The docs keep telling me I should quit, too. Live right, eat healthy, die anyway.

Anniee451 said...

Cigs are up to $7 here, and they're shooting for $10. Commie Corzine promised us this, and he's delivering. We fight it, but it's a losing battle.

What do you guys pay? I couldn't BELIEVE the last time I was in PA - they were something like $2.50 a pack or something. We bought 3 cartons LOL

Larry said...

I buy by the pack, the last time it was $3.10 but in a bit the new NC state taxes will kick in and make them almost $4.00 per pack.
I fool myself into thinking that I smoke less by the pack than I would by the carton. Who knows, maybe it's even true.
Sad thing that here in NC we are in the heart of tobacco country...

Anniee451 said...

You're probably right - with the cartons, they went way too quickly. I was more likely to toss out half a cigarette after smoking half of it than to put it out and save it, and all in all they just went too quickly. Not worth it.

$4 though, you should be glad you're not here lol. $7 and increasing all the time.