26 February 2009

The Numbers Game

I may be number 3 at Google, but on Yahoo I'm number ONE!!!

Which means that Samuel Johnson iz nao mah beyotch. On Yahoo.

Check out the guy at third. No, it's not me.

Some guy who is making a start at writing - books, that is, and on the internet no less - from what I glean from his site. Student and journalist, with a stint at teaching, moving off to Canada - probably not someone I would have much to agree with politically, but he is an aspiring SciFi writer so he can't be all bad.

Also, according to his tagline, he gave up a teaching career in order to write Internet books. For a living!

As the good Captain said, he "stuck a thorn in the Alliance's paw -- that tickles me a bit."

Besides, Jimmy Buffett and Stephen King aren't exactly in political lockstep with me either, and I love both of their works. And as Alice Cooper has said, if you are looking for political advice from an entertainer you are a loser.

Good luck with the writing Charles, and maybe I'll see you in the bookstores.

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