04 February 2009

Lookie! Linkie!

A few new links being put up on the sidebar.

First is The Smallest Minority, a blog that I visit regularly by way of a link on Ambulance Driver. It's about time I put a link here so that I don't have to go 'round and 'round the interwebtubies to get to it.

Next is The Rights Project, a newish blog that The Smallest Minority has just linked to. I found it interesting, and hopefully good things will come of it. Good luck to John Galt from TRP, and welcome to the interwebtubies!

Matt G is another Texas lawman that blogs on Better and Better.

And the fourth is an industrial electrician that goes by the handle of Mostly Cajun.

There are a couple of more from the AD blogroll that sooner or later I'll get around to adding, but for now that's good.

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