25 February 2009

Taking Chance

I just watched the HBO movie "Taking Chance" starring Kevin Bacon.

Awesome movie.

From the very beginning, which is a blank screen with radio traffic of an ambush of a Marine patrol, to the very last, where LCOL Strobl gets back home to his family, the movie's pace is slow but determined - in the way that the marching of a ceremonial guard is slow and determined - and pays tribute to our fallen in a way that is sadly lacking from so many movies made lately.

There was never any part of the movie that made me want to hit the fast-forward button, and there were more than a few times the room got rather dusty.

Kevin Bacon does a superb job as LCOL Strobl. This movie is well worth the watch.

LCOL Strobl's words say it best.

"I didn't know Chance before he died. Today I miss him."

Fair winds and following seas PFC Phelps. We all miss you.

USMC Photo from Blackfive: Taking Chance Home

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