04 February 2009


I found this on MSN.com today.

I found it interesting that the subject would be raised at all.

I found it interesting that some would call for the end of Black History Month.

I agree with Morgan Freeman.

I agree with Teddy Roosevelt, too.

I wonder where it will lead. My guess is nowhere, since certain people have a vested interest in keeping things the way they are.

But it is interesting nonetheless.


Anniee451 said...

Bint had a few (well, a lot) words to say about Roosevelt's ideas about hyphenated Americans. As the child of grandparents who were French immigrants and a grandfather who was native Blackfoot, I pointed out that none of us were hyphenated, nor had been. There's no use for hyphenated Americans - we need people who are all in.

Just today I was noting that it disturbs me that a so-called president of this country who does not even consider himself an American, but a hyphenated American - when of ALL people he ought to think of himself as an American first, foremost, and last. How is this not on anyone's mind anyway?

Larry said...

It's on my mind Annie. Roosevelt was absolutely right on the subject.