15 June 2010

A Few Simple Repairs

It's car fixing day at the Refuge.

TDP has had a persistent oil leak that we are striving diligently to repair, and the mighty Rampage has a drive axle on the left side that needs to be replaced. Middle Daughter's Topaz got a new brake pressure equalizer yesterday to fix a massive brake fluid leak, so it's good now.

All of this repair work is being done because the Mustang has to go back to the rental place tomorrow. I'm really going to miss that car, but I will own one very soon.

I go back to work Friday. I probably won't know what to do with myself, having been awake days and asleep nights for a couple of weeks now. Anyway, starting tomorrow after the red rocket-ship goes back I will begin to re-adjust my habits to a more nocturnal schedule.

Until then I think I'll drive around with the top down for a while.


Mike Mendez said...

I must be getting old because it took me much longer than normal to adjust to my current work schedule.
Don't be surprised if it throws you off for a little longer than you anticipate.

electronic cig said...

I love those Mustangs! Good Luck Larry :)

Larry said...

I won't be surprised Mike, it's just something I have to do. I imagine that Friday will be a fun time, I'll have to find something to do to keep busy (two weeks of filter changes that I know didn't get done might help) to stay awake all night.
I love the Mustang I had rented, it's an awesome ride. The local dealer has a maroon GT/California Special with a black top and interior that looks pretty good, too.
Thanks for dropping by!