10 June 2010

Phase One: Departure

The day started overcast, and we left home a little before ten AM. Late, as usual, which would have driven Laura absolutely bonkers, but typical for us so we (the kids and I) would have just laughed at her and told her to relax.

Chris and the grandson rode with me, Laura strapped into the front seat and them in the back. First they were cold, but that soon passed.

The overcast had gone away by the time we reached the NC/SC border. We stopped for gas and lunch at Santee, South Carolina. When we got back into the car the boys were clamoring for me to leave the top up because it was too hot (I didn't think it was). What good is a convertible if you are going to leave the top up?

Leaving the top up, we left Santee and arrived in Florida as afternoon turned into early evening. I whipped into the first rest area and put the top down. "Sorry boys," I told them "We're in Florida now, so the top has to come down. That's the law, if it's not raining and you are in Florida and in a convertible, the top has to be down."

Chris proclaimed that he had never heard of such a thing in all of his eleven years and wanted to know if it was a State law or something. I told him it was a Dad law.

Everyone got a bathroom break and we proceeded to Eldest Daughter's house for the night. Middle daughter wanted Krystals for supper, something that Eldest Son adores and we don't have in our neck of the woods, so she and Eldest Daughter headed out that way and brought some back.

Eldest Daughter took a picture of Middle Daughter and myself with some Krystal burgers and sent it to Eldest Son (who stayed behind to watch the house and dog) just to torture him. He wasn't happy, which of course was the whole point. My children are so kind and gracious to each other.

Tomorrow we will proceed to Bushnell and the Florida National Cemetery. We are going to stop in to see Pop on the way back. I wish I could do something for Pop, he is heartbroken. The best thing we can do for him is to show him that he is not alone I guess.

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