01 June 2010

Medical Report

She started her chemo again today. Two different drugs every three weeks, and a third to be administered every week. The third will have to be given at the hospital in Rocky Mount the first time since there is a chance of reaction, so the doc wants to be there. After that everything gets done at the clinic, a ten mile drive instead of fifty.

She's been having problems breathing for the past week or so, not surprising since the bottom half of the right lung is for all intents and purposes a solid mass now. As of today we have an oxygen generator humming quietly in the corner and a bottle setup for moving around (or in the case of power outages).

She's on the patch for pain now instead of pills. It seems to be working better, and as a side benefit it seems to help with the nausea. The nausea is still present from time to time, but at least it doesn't keep her from getting her pain meds.

I got her one of those e-cigs from blu to replace the real ones. She says it usually satisfies the craving, but once in a while she needs the real thing. I'm hoping that she can go over completely to the e-cig and away from the real ones. At a minimum I'm hoping it will help with the cough, which usually triggers the nausea.

That's the new normal.

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