10 June 2010

Phase Two: The Mission

We took Laura to Florida National Cemetery today.

When we got there we went over the paperwork and I asked if my special requests to place her as close to her mother as possible got included in the request. It had not. I had thought of doing the request myself but had let the funeral parlor handle it, and this did not get put in.

Luckily the man that we were talking to was able to put the request in and have it approved by the director as we were standing there.

I then asked where Mom was so that I could go pay my respects. The kind gent offered to take us there and while we were there he would look around and see where Laura could possibly be placed.

When we got to the site there was an empty spot right next to Mom. He cautioned us not to get our hopes up, but he said he would check to see if that spot was going to be open. If there was someone scheduled to go in there today it wouldn't be possible, but if not it might be.

We went back to the admin building so that I could retrieve the notebook that I had left there and when I got back out to the car he came out and called to me. The spot was not going to be filled that day, so the possibility that Laura can go there is very good. He once again cautioned me not to get my hopes up, but he was going to see if it could be done.

Laura will be placed tomorrow or Monday. My fingers are crossed and prayers have been said, hopefully she can go right next to her mother.

As we were leaving it occurred to me that Laura had often said as much as she loved her parents she wouldn't want to live next door to them. I don't think she will mind so much now.

Of course, that means I might get to spend all of eternity next door to my in-laws.

Say prayers for Pop, he's trying mightily to hold up but this has been tough on him.

She has been gone for one week.


cary said...

< >

Well, I got nothin'.

I'll just keep on keeping you and your family in my prayers.

Larry said...

Thanks Cary.