22 June 2010

Once More

This essay was not written by any guy named Caudill, retired Marine or not. In fact, I doubt that this fraud even exists as I have never seen anything else written by him.

This essay was written by Marko Kloos, who blogs at the Munchkin Wrangler.

It is an excellent essay, and the author does not mind if it gets hoisted up the flagpole a time or two. He only wants it to be properly accredited.

Should you see the essay "Why the Gun Is Civilization" in your wanderings round about the Web, please make sure the accreditation is correct.

Marko Kloos. Remember that name.

And while you're at it, drop by the Munchkin Wrangler blog, which has now finally been linked on the sidebar to the right. You won't be disappointed.


cmblake6 said...

Thank you for getting the proper credit straightened up. I just linked what I found, and I appreciate errors getting straightened up.

Larry said...

Not a problem. Marko doesn't mind seeing the essay go round and round, he just wants to get proper credit. It's a good essay, so's the rest of his stuff.
And thanks for the link to The BruHa, I've given you proper credit for it (see the above post).
Finally, as always, thanks for dropping by!

BruHa said...

Larry thanks for setting me straight. Now I have two more blogs to stop by, yours and the munchkinwrangler. :-)

Larry said...

Glad to help, enjoy Marko's excellent writing. Thanks for stopping by!

Mike Mendez said...

Thanks for pointing this essay out; it's a great read.

Larry said...

Check the rest of Marko's stuff out, too.
Thanks for dropping by Mike!

Brigid said...

Marko is awesome! It's not the first time someone took credit for his superlative work. Thanks for pointing this out.

Larry said...

In this case it was just a case of mistaken attribution, now fixed. No harm, no foul.
Thanks for dropping by Brigid!