09 June 2010

Last Ride

While walking the dog this morning I talked to the youngest son, his mother's darling baby. He's trying to convince himself that Mom is still hanging around the house in a ghostly form. I told him I knew for a fact that Mom was in Heaven with Grandma because of the weather. He gave me a quizzical look, so I explained.

Saturday and Sunday were brutally hot, so hot in fact that Eldest Son and I had decided against fixing her car that weekend, which since the whole head gasket fiasco has leaked oil from the timing chain case. Because of that, when the funeral home called me and said she would be ready to go on Tuesday the car was not fit to drive to Florida, which is one of the reasons that sparked me to rent a car for the trip.

The choice of car, of course, was entirely co-incidental.

(The color was completely co-incidental and you can believe that as a fact. The one that they were holding for me was silver, and it left the lot as I was standing there in line. The only one left was bright fire-engine red. Flashy and red(headed), that's my Laura.)

At any rate, on Monday when I went to pick it up the day dawned bright and clear...and cool. For the past two days the weather has been sunny, but not so brutally hot. For today's travel - and indeed for the entire 3 day trip - the weather is expected to be sunny and warmer, with temps in the high 80's to low 90's. Folks, for summertime in the South (and make no mistake, summer around here starts about mid May regardless of what the calender says) that's downright balmy. About the time we get back we are expecting some thunderboomers to roll in, but the trip is over for all intents and purposes by then.

God, I told him, controls the weather, but Mom is very used to getting her own way. It looks like she wanted to cruise down to Florida with the top pulled back the whole way. And she couldn't have convinced Him from here.

(Actually she probably could have - she can be very persuasive - but that doesn't fit the story as well.)

Blogging light, blah blah blah. I'll post an after-action report upon my return.

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