20 June 2011


Last night as I drove through the gate at my defenseless victim zone - workplace, that is - I noticed two things.

The first thing that I noticed is that they are pulling down the fence around the parking lot. It looks like they are re-locating the fence to the street. Several months ago they removed the arms of the entrance gate so that it was no longer necessary to badge in, but the fence was still there. Now all that remains is the posts.

The second, and most interesting, was the absence of the "This is a Defenseless Victim Zone" signage. The smoking prohibition is still in place as evidenced by signage, but the anti-self defense signs are gone.

I don't know if this will be a permanent change or not, but perhaps they see the handwriting on the wall.


Sean D Sorrentino said...

Judging by the actions of the bozos in the NCGA who were supposed to be on our side, I'm not holding out too much hope for the Parking Lot bill. Not unless we turn up the pressure on those same bozos.

Larry said...

HB650 was a good start, but the price of liberty is constant vigilance.
Thanks for dropping by Sean!