19 June 2011


Wednesday I got up early to take Eldest Son to the doctors. Then I went to work.

Thursday the AC guy was here (the new AC isn't cooling the house very well, but it's working as it should and it's a bigger unit. Quite the mystery here) and Youngest Son got out of school early (it was the last day of the school year) so I was up early again.

Friday was Youngest Son's graduation (he is now officially in Jr. High), and as is normal for the private school he is in I got drafted as the official camera-man.

Yesterday was spent carting Eldest Son from urgent care clinic to ER for endless tests to find out they can't find anything wrong with him. That will be $350.00 please, and we will send you the remainder for the ER visit at a later date.

Please note that work, school and ER's are all unarmed victim zones, so I have spent most of the week unarmed. It's a surprisingly uncomfortable and naked feeling for someone who has not actually been carrying all that long.

I'll be glad to go back to work tonight. I need the rest.

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