16 February 2012

Eagle One

Last night I got a FB message from a guy I hadn't seen in a while. We were in the USN for a while together, I retired and he moved on to Maryland and then back to Raleigh where he was from.

Today we met for lunch and then went to make some smoke and noise at the indoor range at Eagle 1 Supply. It was a nice little range, pistol and shotgun only, max of 25 yards. I did pretty good today, I got to shoot a couple of Brian's guns and he popped a few off with mine as well.

He has a Ruger LCP that has a laser sight on it, I didn't care for the mile-long trigger pull but otherwise it was a nasty little gun to shoot, very light and so it had as much kick as my .45 and only made .380 size holes. But if you are looking for something that you can just slip into a pocket that is the one, and with the laser installed you don't even have to worry about aiming the damn thing, put the dot where you want a hole and start pulling back on the trigger. Sometime in the next hour or so it will eventually go off, by that time the bad guy will have either run screaming away from the laser dot or beat you to death, one or the other.

His other gun was a Beretta 92FS, what a sweeeeeeet gun! Loved it! A bit heavier than my Grok, but nice and balanced with a smooth and crisp trigger (but whadda I know from triggers, right? I think the Mosin shoots just fine), it put the holes right where I wanted them with a minimum of fuss. I did have to put the front sight over the top of the aim point rather than put the aim point on top of the front sight blade, but once I got that correction made it was an excellent shooter.

I also got to finally put my paws on the Glock 26, it even had the magazine extension so I could see what that felt like. I'm going to have to go fondle the G19 one more time, but I think I'm leaning toward the 19.  It just feels more like the G36 with +1 extensions, the G26, even with the extension, did not fill the palm quite so well. I might even be tempted to go for the Tigerswan G-19 if I have the coin for it.

I am also still waiting on the Falcon grips I ordered a couple of weeks ago, it was supposed to have shipped via UPS over a week ago and they are not here yet. The shipping number never did register with UPS, so it looks like I'm going to have to make a phone call, I think.

Right now I'm massaging my bayonet with a file to try to get it to go on the Mosin without the use of a punch and hammer. Getting it off is another exercise in fun. I've been reading Erin's experimentation with her mad black Russian Crazy Ivan, and I've just about decided to put the bayonet on and see if it has any impact on my shooting. I don't know that it will, the gun is still much more accurate than I am.  She certainly does like her Mosin!

All in all, a pretty darn good day.

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