10 February 2012

Strive To Deserve It

Tam had a post up today that consisted, in Tam fashion, of a thought-provoking statement (in this case a quote) with a link and not much more. The desired outcome, of course, is for you to follow the link and draw your own conclusions.

The link lead to a gun board discussion about situational awareness, which included a link to a personal experience story, which contained a comment from Weer'd containing a link to this story.

Within the comments of that story lies the title of this post.

The bad guys are out there. Just because you carry does not make you ready. You have to pay attention, too.

It frightens me just how much I sometimes fail at that last bit. I've been getting better at paying attention to my surroundings, but the more I start paying attention the more I realize how lucky I've been so far.

Which, obviously, is the purpose of this whole exercise.

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