01 February 2012


A new month, a new header pic.

Seventy degrees this afternoon. Of course I was riding around with the top down.

Too bad it won't last, but spring is on its way.


cmblake6 said...


Stephen said...

Nice picture. I wish we had had a winter. Spring is here...it's out, I hear.

Larry said...

Good to see you on your virtual feet again my friend, you gave us all quite a scare out here.
We had a pretty mild winter here, not like last year. I'm expecting next year to be worse.
Thanks for dropping by Stephen, continue to heal.

Larry said...

Near 70 again today, but it's not expected to last.
Thanks for dropping by CM.

Quizikle said...

Well, I see a "redhead" this month...
but no SS396 Chevelles.

Larry said...

Sorry Q, I don't have one of those.
Thanks for dropping by!