27 February 2012

Judged By Twelve

One of the most welcomed of the new laws here in North Carolina is that of Castle Doctrine, which holds that you do not have a "duty to retreat" when met with thuggery.  Until that time if someone was kicking your door in you could actually shoot them through the door, but as soon as they were inside they could rob you blind as long as they were not physically threatening you.

The new law holds that if you are somewhere you are legally allowed to be and someone else is not, you may assume that they mean you no good and you can act accordingly. This extends beyond your property line to your car, or even to a public place in the defense of yourself or others.

So far we haven't noticed any increases in sanguinity in the rivers, streets, storm drains and streams. But I digress.

Way back West in my state of birth Robert tells a tale about a man who ended up in jail for the crime of defending himself. Fortunately a jury of his peers decided there was no way he should have ever ended up in jail but before that happened he spent 112 days in the can, he was evicted, his stuff was left for the scavengers, his guns were confiscated, and he lost his job. That's a pretty high price to pay for being right. Fortunately he has his guns and his job back, but he's just starting down the road to recovery.

Sean picked up the story soon after and asked about how we can help. Here's the answer.

So here's my challenge to you, the gun blogosphere. It has been said that the gunosphere is made up of the most generous and supporting people in the whole world, and time after time we have proven it to be so. That time is once again upon us.

I'm not a rich guy, and I'm relatively new to the whole gun owner/nut scene, but I'm scraping my nickels and dimes together this payday and I'm sending along as much as I can. I'm sending it in the form of a check, because as Sean has pointed out there is nothing cooler than seeing tons of paper with postmarks from around the country pouring in to show our support.

I don't have a fancy name, and I don't have outrageous prizes to award. I have only a brother in need. I have only a challenge to be met.

And I will meet it, because there but for the grace of God, go I.

"The church, which already has arranged a used laptop and “just a big care package” for Lewis, is now setting up a fund to assist Lewis. Donations should be sent to Westminster Presbyterian Church, 4114 Allison Ave., Des Moines, Iowa 50310. Include a note or write on a memo line that the donation is to be used for “Jay Rodney Lewis.”"


Home on the Range said...

The tagging continues. Liebster blog. Now go pat a kitten and tell us your favorite 5 blogs.

agirlandhergun said...

I just read this and it baffles the mind.

MSgt B said...

Virginia is considering the "Castle Doctrine" law right now.
I'm keeping my fingers crossed...

OBTW, You just got a Leibster tag from Brigid...and I'm a jealous SOB.

Larry said...

Brigid, that makes three, thanks! I'll pass it on when I get a chance.
AGirl, yes the mind just boggles. Here in NC we would say he got Nifonged (google "Duke Lacrosse Crystal Mangum").
MSgtB, Virginia really should have one, and that just means I'm special (probably in the hug-me jacket sort of way).
Thanks for dropping by everyone!

Miguel said...

DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT think Castle Doctrine/Stand Your Ground is a cure all. Prosecutors still can make your life miserable.

Larry, thank you for the link to the story. It goes with another story from my local pond.

Larry said...

It's not a cure-all, certainly, but it does help. Prosecutors do whatever they thing they can get away with, mostly for political reasons. Around these parts we call that being Nifonged.
Thanks for dropping by Miguel!