30 March 2013

Cars n' Coffee, Jacksonville

Son In Law found an online listing of the car events happening here and today (every Saturday from 7 to 9) there was a cruise-in at a donut shop in south Jacksonville.

I took my dog and headed out bright and early. It was a rather small gathering, but several nice cars showed up.

There were three Model A's, I did get one picture of all three of them together but unfortunately it didn't come out right.

In the "they don't build them like that anymore" category is this nice woody Town n' Country. Yes, that coachwork is all real wood, and it looked fantastic.

A little juice for the car, a little juice for the driver...

Quite a few nice rods there as well.

That's a familiar sticker.

The Mustangs were well represented, too. This nice Mach 1 was just one of several ponies to appear.

The rest of the pictures can be found here.


Anonymous said...

Larry, you're killin' me...
It's like Brigid and her food porn, only yours is auto porn!

Thanks! :-)


Larry said...

Lordy, I just LOOK at Brigid's recipes and gain weight. What would be the equivalent here, look at the pictures and get a speeding ticket?

Thanks for dropping by Guffaw!