29 March 2013

Playing Tourist

I lived in Jacksonville from late '94 to almost 2000 and never once went to St Augustine to do the tourist thing. With the temps in the 70s and a house full of kids to entertain today was the day.

The four of us got there in the afternoon, we found a good parking spot and walked through the old jail first. After going through the gift shop we went down to the ticket booth across the road and rode the red train (actually we rode the black train, but it was being used as a red train) and then went through Ripley's.

Boneshaker bicycle

St Augustine Old Jail

 Castillo de San Marcos

House made from redwood log, that's Grand-daughter posing for the picture

 The Great Cross, Mission of Nombre de Dios, St Augustine FL

We didn't get to go through the fort or see the Fountain of Youth, but they will be there another day. Sonny's BBQ rounded out the days events.

All in all, a fun day.

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