24 March 2013

Gator State

and raining. Liquid sunshine.

But it was already in the mid 60's when I got up at 9 this morning.

It's going to get colder this week, it's going to be all the way down in the lower 60's the first part of the week and only get to the mid 60's the last part of the week. I'll definitely need a jacket while I'm cruising around with the top down, at least Tuesday and Wednesday.

Weather at home during the same time frame isn't expected to climb out of the low 50's.

It's a burden I must bear.

UPDATE: By 3 PM it was sunny and in the low 80's. Burden indeed.


Anonymous said...

Eff you and your "burden" very much. Nights near freezing and days in the 50's. Not that I notice, with today being work day #15 in a row for me. Enjoy the sunshine, liquid and otherwise, my friend.. Try to have enough fun for both of us, and drive safely.

Larry said...

Hey, it got cold here last night. It was almost 50!

I'm hoping the weather gets better at home soon. I'm ready for winter to be over now.

Home on the Range said...

I flung a "dog go potty" trail of foot deep snow cursing your name (OK, not cursing, you're too cute for that).

But damn,rub it in will you. :-)

Enjoy, you have earned it.

Larry said...

Stay warm, fair lady (and if cursing my name helps...) :D

Thanks for dropping by Brigid!