05 March 2013

Sound And Fury

60,000 miles is coming right up on the pony, I'm expecting to be out of warranty by this summer. That means this years tax return is going for pony parts.

I'm not going to get overly crazy, I like the car the way it is but I just want a bit more here and there. I'm definitely going to have to get another wheel because one of them on the right side is bent which causes the car to shake, but for purely aftermarket parts I'm looking at exhaust, cold air intake and tune, maybe some springs and shocks, and that's about it.

One of the aftermarket exhaust systems I was looking at was the MRT Interceptor axle-backs. I shudder at the cost...almost $600 for mufflers? but they are stainless steel so they fit the existing pipes like they were stock and they give a nice deep tone.

I wasn't planning on getting them right away, in fact I was going to concentrate on wheels and probably new tires (they last about 18 months and run about $1000 a set), I'll be due for them this summer sometime, but when I mentioned it on the Mustang Forums one of the forum members mentioned that he knew where there was a set used that could be had for not quite half price.

The payment has been sent and the only thing that remains is to get them from Hickory to here. Fortunately the same member that brought them up has transportation options in mind, so I should have them next week.  They'll go on just in time to go to Florida for Easter.

That's it for mods for a while though, next will be that bad wheel replacement, a set of tires, and a scuff repair for the other wheel on the right side. Just keeping the wheels in good shape is a chore by itself.

I'm looking forward to hearing how they sound though.

UPDATE: It's at the wheel fixing place right now, and my weekend plans have fallen through so I'm going to go get the axlebacks on Saturday. They will go on the car as soon as I have the time to do it. That will finish up the mods for the time being...until the tax refund gets here...


Angus McThag said...

Going TO Florida for Easter?

You've got it backwards. The Snowbirds go NORTH for Easter.

Larry said...

I like to be different. :D

Besides, to be a snowbird wouldn't I have to live in Florida for the winter? I guess that makes me another kind of bird...

Thanks for dropping by McThag!