03 March 2013

Day In Review

Saturday started out with range time, which is always a good way to start the day.

The bangsticks of choice for the day was in the diminutive caliber of .22 long rifle. There was one open-sight Marlin model 60 and one scoped Ruger 10/22.

The Marlin ended up being much more picky about it's ammo, which is something I had not experienced with that gun before. Multiple FTE/FTF issues with it using the bulk ammo Range Partner had in his ammo can, but the Ruger ate it without complaints.

So, surprisingly enough, did the High Standard, which is usually much more picky about its ammo.

Following the .22 shooty goodness I put a box of 50 crap Tula ammo through the Glock and got the expected 2 FTEs with it. It's picky about its ammo also, but not as bad as before I changed out the recoil spring.

After all the shooty goodness Range Partner and I went to McCalls for the Triangle Open Carry meetup which is always good.

The day was finished off by showing Eldest Son how to install a timing belt on a 2.5 Subaru flat four (see previous post) and hamburgers on the grill.

Tomorrow is back to work

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