09 March 2013

Home Alarm System Commercials

To put it bluntly, they piss me off. Yeah, some determined attacker who has already kicked in your front door is going to leave your naked towel-wrapped ass alone because some disembodied voice on a speaker tells him the cops will be there in a half an hour or your pizza is free.

Here's how they should really end:

Free rock with every purchase!


eiaftinfo said...

I like it!! :)

Larry said...

Slow Joe would approve of the shooting through the door, but would frown on the not-a-shotgun. :D

Thanks for dropping by!

RabidAlien said...

Heh. She just needed some night-sights on that rifle.

Also....going full-auto? Would've been much more realistic with an un-Hollywood-silenced AR double to center mass (repeat as necessary).

Larry said...

More realistic probably but not as much fun. :D It still ends more realistically than the real commercials do.

Thanks for dropping by RA!