12 January 2012


Pirelli P-zero tires in 245/45ZR19 are expensive! Almost $1300 in tires and alignment before it's all done.

Yep, first set on the pony car after 30K miles. Looks like I'm going to have to take it easy on this set.  I noticed the vibration on the way home from J-ville, and when I took it in for it's 30K mile check-up they found the right front tire down to the cords.

This is an unexpected expense, I guess I know where my play money will be going for a while. It will set me back some, but if you are going to dance ya gotta pay the piper.

UPDATE: The butchers bill ended up being about 11 and a half instead of the nearly 13 I was quoted, but now it has a low speed wobble. Back to the dealer in the morning!


Stephen said...

Dadgum, that is expensive...then again you have a nice ride. Costco tires for my truck.

Larry said...

That's from the Ford dealer, too, which adds to the expense a bit (although not as much as you would think). Next go around I'll go with something other than Pirellis and will still end up with a bill over 1K. Looks like I'll have to start a tire fund...
Thanks for dropping by Stephen!

Da Curly Wolf said...

Meh...my blazer may end up being a total casualty. Got to hear back form the mechanic 1st on what the compression test shows. if it's the injection system thats one thing...but if it's the heads? sigh...I already sunk 130 into parts to get for basic LONNNG overdue maintenance.

Quizikle said...

Hi Larry!

1) Off-road pickup tires. $1500.
Still got stuck.

2) Just got caught up to you. No redhead on top? (Just re-read that. Pun not intended - at first)


Larry said...

CW, I feel your pain. The daughter's POS Pontiac (that used to be the wife's POS Pontiac) is knocking in the bottom end, that's a year after a very expensive head rebuild on top of all the suspension, steering and timing chain work that had been done to it. I hate that car.
Q, that's January Jones, I thought she would be appropriate for January. Fear not, the redheads will be back!
Thanks for dropping by guys!

MSgt B said...

Did the same thing to my 350Z after 30k. $1400 and change.

Larry said...

I knew the tires would be painful, but I didn't expect to have to change them after only 30K. Not used to the softer compound and faster wear, but the alignment being off certainly didn't help.
Thanks for dropping by MSgt B!